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Open The Door

  • A landmark of women's writing in Arabic

    Publisher : The American University in Cairo Press
    published : 2002
  • The Open Door provides a comprehensive, carefully documented "state of the science" on homelessness and mental illness. The book reviews the effectiveness of service and housing interventions targeted at this constituency, and discusses efforts to bring evidence-based programs to scale.

    Publisher : Oxford University Press
    published : 2017
  • With a sense of mystery and suspense pervading the whole narrative, this is a very unusual work. Due to brilliant depiction of scenes, the work was later adapted for dramas and films. In an intensely horrifying environment, the unfolding events flare the imagination of the reader.

    Publisher : ReadHowYouWant
    published : 2006
  • When Harriet Monroe founded Poetry magazine in Chicago in 1912, she began with an image: the Open Door. ?May the great poet we are looking for never find it shut, or half-shut, against his ample genius!? For a century, the most important and enduring poets have walked through that door?William Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens in its first years,...

    Publisher : University of Chicago Press
    published : 2012
  • A heartfelt romance novel from the author of THE RECKONING and SECOND CHANCE which features Susan Parish who, after losing her husband in the war, is raising her son in the quiet seclusion of the country. Despite her better judgement she falls in love with Gareth Everett, her next-door neighbour and husband of her best friend.

    Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton
    published : 2014
  • When her partner disappears, a young woman drifts towards Open Door, a small town in the Argentinean Pampas named after its psychiatric hospital. She finds herself living with an ageing ranch-hand, although a local girl also proves irresistible. This evocative book makes a quiet case for the possibility of finding contentment in unexpected places.

    Publisher : And Other Stories Publishing
    published : 2011
  • Told with warmth and humour, The Ever Open Door is the story of a hard working, down-to-earth community in a small Yorkshire town during the Second World War and its aftermath. Burly steelworker Jim Butler and his wife Sally are quite content in their little house on Potters Row. Jim's only complaint is that Sally is too soft hearted for her own...

    Publisher : Random House
    published : 2008
  • The story of revolution leaderToussaint L'Ouverture of St. Domingue (now Haiti). The island now known as Haiti was once a French colony called St. Domingue, where white plantation owners forced hundreds of thousands of African slaves to farm sugar cane. Toussaint L'Ouverture was one of those slaves . . . but not for long. The day would come when...

    Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    published : 2009
  • An insightful, revelatory and heartfelt narrative that bring out various unknown facets of the ‘world teacher’- J. Krishnamurti - and highlights his distinctive vision for education worldwide...This volume presents an eyewitness account of the practical and everyday relations of the Mark Lee with Krishnamurti (1895-1986) who was a prolific...

    Publisher : Hay House
    published : 2014
  • "This book focuses on Lewis as a teacher, how he opens doors by challenging 20th-century views... Two ideas run through and unify the book. The first is that in all his writing Lewis encourage 'radical key' to all Lewis's critical and imaginative writings. Hart's aim is to show that there is in Lewis a single, integrated, systematic theory of literature...

    Publisher : University of Alabama Press
    published : 2010
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