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Losing A Parent

  • Kennedy shares her own story of facing the loss of a parent and offers innovative strategies for healing and transformation.

    Publisher : HarperCollins
    published : 2013
  • Whether from a sudden accident or a slow, terminal illness, the death of a parent is devastating to adults and children alike. In Losing a Parent , Fiona Marshall helps readers understand the process of coping with a parent's death, from preparing for death to recognizing the different stages of grief, from nurturing the relationship with the surviving...

    Publisher : Da Capo Press
    published : 2009
  • The suicide of a parent has life-long consequences; few more traumatic scenarios exist, and counselors often struggle for ways to help their patients deal with its effects. No individuals understand the pain and life-altering effects of these tragedies better than children who have been victims of the suicide of a parent. Despite this, there are few...

    Publisher : Taylor and Francis
    published : 2013
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