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Chocolate Caramel Candy

  • A luscious recipe collection from Australia's 'queen of chocolate'. Recipes that hold your hand every step of the way so you can create chocolate perfection at home.

    Publisher : Allen & Unwin
    published : 2016
  • A delectable journey into the world of chocolate--from manufacturing to marketing, French boutiques to American multinationals--by the award-winning author of Olives . Science, over recent years, has confirmed what chocolate lovers have always known: the stuff is actually good for you. It's the Valentine's Day drug of choice, has more antioxidants...

    Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
    published : 2006
  • Chocolate layer cake. Fudge brownies. Chocolate chip cookies. Boxes of chocolate truffles. Cups of cocoa. Hot fudge sundaes. Chocolate is synonymous with our cultural sweet tooth, our restaurant dessert menus, and our idea of indulgence. Chocolate is ador

    Publisher : Reaktion Books
    published : 2009
  • "Candy is beside me, drenched in sweat. She's breathing gently, long slow breaths. I imagine her soul going in and out: wanting to leave, wanting to come back, wanting to leave, wanting to come back. The day will soon harden into what we need to do. But for now we have each other. . . ." He met Candy amid a lush Sydney summer. Gorgeous, sexy, free-spirited...

    Publisher : Random House Publishing Group
    published : 2010
  • A unique treatment of signal processing using a model-based perspective Signal processing is primarily aimed at extracting useful information, while rejecting the extraneous from noisy data. If signal levels are high, then basic techniques can be applied. However, low signal levels require using the underlying physics to correct the problem causing...

    Publisher : Wiley
    published : 2005
  • International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) 2010 Award Finalists in the Culinary History category. Chocolate . We all love it, but how much do we really know about it? In addition to pleasing palates since ancient times, chocolate has played an integral role in culture, society, religion, medicine, and economic development...

    Publisher : Wiley
    published : 2011
  • Presents the Bayesian approach to statistical signal processing for a variety of useful model sets   This book aims to give readers a unified Bayesian treatment starting from the basics (Baye’s rule) to the more advanced (Monte Carlo sampling), evolving to the next-generation model-based techniques (sequential Monte Carlo sampling)....

    Publisher : Wiley
    published : 2016
  • Chocolate is a magical ingredient. Everyone loves eating it. And if you can cook with it, your baking will rise to a whole new level. But ? here?s an untold secret ? cooking with chocolate can be incredibly easy. Here Molly Bakes shares with us 50 of her favourite recipes for chocolate treats that are stylish, playful and totally delicious. They...

    Publisher : Random House
    published : 2014
  • An international literary phenomenon-now available for the first time in English translation-Candy is a hip, harrowing tale of risk and desire, the story of a young Chinese woman forging a life for herself in a world seemingly devoid of guidelines. Hong, who narrates the novel, and whose life in many ways parallels the author's own, drops out of high...

    Publisher : Little, Brown and Company
    published : 2008
  • Indulge yourself with 50 of the best chocolate recipes - all triple-tested for your cooking success every time

    Publisher : Allen & Unwin
    published : 2012